Sampling 2017-2019
Sign up for sampling with our partner in technical services MLJ Environmental: or call 530-746-5314

MLJ Environmental performs irrigation and domestic well sampling and coordinates with Regional Board- approved certified laboratories to ensure member compliance with the monitoring requirements.

***Please review sampling requirements for Ag Order 3.0 at the bottom of this page

MLJ Environmental Prices:

Nitrate Only Monitoring: $220 per well

All Ag Waiver Constituents Monitoring: $310 per well

The price includes:

  • Scheduling the well sampling with the member;
  • Sampling domestic and irrigation wells per monitoring requirements;
  • Delivering samples to certified laboratories meeting hold time requirements;
  • Ensuring that the laboratory uploads data to GeoTracker and that data are received by the CCGC; coordinating with the CCGC to ensure that member compliance is tracked appropriately.

Additional Well Sampling Company Options

(please read Steps 1 – 3)

If you choose to use a different contractor/laboratory other than MLJ-LLC, please follow these three steps to ensure good communication between yourself, the laboratory and CCGC.  The laboratories identified below have been contacted by CCGC and are aware of the requirements for members.  If you use a laboratory not listed below, please contact CCGC to ensure that the laboratory is certified and can meet all CCGC Monitoring Work Plan requirements.

Step 1. Contact laboratory to arrange sampling.

The following laboratories have been briefed on the specific CCGC monitoring requirements.  If you are using services offered by MLJ Environmental, go to this link:

Step 2. Indicate to the laboratory that you are a CCGC member and provide them with this document: Laboratory Supplement Information Sheet .

Provide the laboratory with the following information when scheduling your well sampling (if CCGC monitored your wells previously, you will find this information on Form 2B of your member renewal packet).

  • CCGC Member ID
  • Global ID, Ranch
  • Field Point Name (used to identify your well)
  • Use (Domestic, Irrigation, or Domestic/Irrigation)

Additional information for the laboratory is included in the Laboratory Supplemental Information Sheet.

If you prefer to use a laboratory not listed above, please contact CCGC and we will explain to the laboratory how to properly handle your sampling, analysis and reporting to Geotracker and CCGC.

Step 3. Confirm submittal of results to GeoTracker and CCGC.

The laboratory must load results to GeoTracker within 60 days of sampling.  Also, results must be submitted to BOTH:

or mail a copy of the results and Chain of Custody to (please retain a copy for your own records): CCGC, PO Box 828 Salinas, CA 93902

Well sampling requirements under Ag Order 3.0 (Jan 1, 2017- Dec 31, 2019):

All domestic wells and the primary irrigation source on each ranch must be sampled twice during the life of Ag Order 3.0.

Each well needs to be tested at least once for all constituents, the other sample can be for nitrates only. However, CCGC member wells that have been sampled at any previous time for all constituents need only nitrates sampled for these 2 sample rounds.